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Other accounting services:

Consulting on taxation

Consulting services cover issues of management, economic, financial and investment activities of organizations, strategic planning, optimization of business processes, market research and pricing, and many other aspects. The main objectives of consulting are: improving the quality of company management, improving business efficiency and productivity of employees.

The accounting firm "BGB & Partners" offers the following consulting services:

Tax Planning

Providing by BGB is the optimization of the operational strategy and organizational structure of the company or group of companies, increasing the efficiency of the process of paying taxes, searching for the most optimal and effective methods of control.

Professional employees of "BGB and Partners" will study Your business and Provide effective tools for tax planning.

Tax Consulting

We are advising as verbal as well written consultations to the enterprises on questions of application of norms of the current tax legislation. 
Providing recommendations for determining the tax base and calculating taxes and fees, which will help to manage risks in a timely manner, 
optimize the processes of meeting regulatory requirements and improve the operational efficiency of Your enterprise

Expertise on taxation for Contracts

The complex of services are aimed at building the business strategy of the enterprise in its relations with Suppliers or Partners, local or regulatory bodies and authorities. Thanks to our professional support, the company will be able to prevent negative tax consequences of transactions, plan the volume of tax payments, avoid undesirable risks that may arise in all parties to agreements in the subsequent monitoring of economic activities by regulatory authorities. We will help You to find alternative ways to achieve the planned economic result with less tax risks and the volume of tax payments.

Mergers and Acquisitions

BGB tax and audit advisors will consult You on all issues arising in the course of M & A transactions, including the planning of the transaction itself, identification and prevention of possible financial risks, conducting initial analysis of documents and ending with direct tax support for the transaction itself. Consulting on improving business efficiency.

Development and implementation of an internal control system (ICS), which includes such components as:

FULL service is a complex of  full accounting and bookkeping services togethr with any issued consultation  provided on the basis of a monthly fixed fee, within the framework of which the client is provided with operational expert support for audit firm specialists in tax and accounting matters in accordance with the requirements of the law.

For the client company, the FULL service allows You to obtain:

The FULL consulting service helps the Client:

The team of «BGB & Partners» does everything necessary to provide Your business with strong and effective solutions!